Thursday, July 1, 2010

32-hour non-stop expedition home sweet home/SNEAK ATTACK

32-hour non-stop expedition home sweet home/SNEAK ATTACK

Yup. I said it. After the Manitou incline our bodies were aching and so were our hearts for home. Our tentative plan was to spend the night in CO springs at our main man jeffy’s…but as a group ruling the paper ballot was in favor of home sweet home. Jeffy we still love you, & you tooo sethy! The legendary Durango drifters steer the bow of the boat towards the east coast straight across I-70 east for a solid 32 hours plus pit stops. We began our trek at 11:30 mountain time, the boys rode shot gun for the first 17 hours… cobra took the first shift, followed by Billy with the graveyard shift, we pulled into a gas station to fuel up and swop seats around 4 am near the Mississippi river. As the Durango was fueling up with gas, Amy & I fueled our veins up with a large coffee. I was Amy’s co-pilot/ photographer. As we drove across the Mississippi river, Billy is yelling “tric, take a pic, take a pic…. SNAP! I took it just it time!!,,, except the flash was on whoops. FAIL. Amy chipped away at a good 10 hrs or so. During this time, the boys are passed out in the back, positioning themselves every so often… we did capture some pictures of it… but Billy got his sticky hands on them…and pressed the delete button, but since Amy is brilliant yet again and knew he was going to try to delete them, she secretly locked them. Billy retaliated with swiftly taking the memory card out of the camera and stuck it out the window only gripping it with his dumb and pointer finger. This went on for about 10 minutes, until it somehow it was settled. I’m not to sure about the ending, since I was driving at the time. But I know the pictures were deleted and we saved the memory card from flying out the window. Amy chipped away at 8hrs of driving time before I took over. When I took over, it was a very quiet drive… everyone was to himself or herself, sleeping, reading, and or listening to music. Except the bursts of energy out of cobra & Billy from the backseat… dropping it like it’s hot. I ended my route at Penn State and Billy took over from there. We are approximately an hr and a half from good old Milford.. wooo wooo! I think its about time we all get out of this car…. 32 hrs of stiffness, anxiety, & homesick.. Oh and ps. Our AC decided to cut out too! But through it all, the hills & plains, valley & deserts…there aint no mountain high enough, no river low enough to keep us drifters apart! Guys, it has been quite the ride, experience, and privilege to have you by my side during our journey… I will hold onto all the memories & never will I forget that one summer the Durango drifters romped around the country! Thanks for making it happen! Love you all! & will def miss waking up next to you guys each morning, I will miss the “I got first showers,” the sardine canned Durango, the laughs, and most of all YOU GUYS!

pps. This is a sneak attack home to surprise the rents… Amy just told her mom we were in Kansas, but really we are on I-81… she plans to jump out of her bedroom closest when she walks in her room to put her slippers on… (craccckerrrrjacccck)

ppps. So cobra calls his mom and says hey I’m in Kansas as were on 84, and says yeahhh were going Mountain biking tomorrow…. (I know in Kansas, the home of flatness.. he’s brilliant too) and then were heading down to NC to visit Amy’s coach…I won’t be home til Wednesday. That’s cobra for you!

I wont be getting home until we make our rounds … dropping off Amy, cobra, and a surprise visit to Casey’s (Billy’s girlfriend, for all you who don’t know).

LUCKKYYY MEEEE,! Must be nice to be chauffeured.

Forever young,

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great trip! Glad you all got home safely!